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How Sigmanero works

In Sigmanero you bet against other users with Monero

All funds are placed in multisig wallets. Sigmanero is not able to move funds without an extra key signature from one of the users

A new 2/3 monero multisig wallet is created for each new bet

Multisig generation is automatic in the browser, no need for CLI commands

The user's own multisig wallet seed key is only visible to the user in the browser. Never stored and never shared with Sigmanero

Users can place bet offers for specific amounts and odds. Other users can see and accept bet offers


places bet for 1 XMR @ 2.0 odd


accepts bet terms

Once two users agree a new bet, a new multisig wallet is generated between A, B and Sigmanero


1 key


1 key

new 2/3 multisig


1 key

Both users fund the new multisig with their individual bet amounts


sends 1 XMR to subaddress A



funded by both users before timeout

waits for 2 XMR

1 XMR in subaddress A

1 XMR in subaddress B


sends 1 XMR to subaddress B


After the event is resolved, Sigmanero creates a new transfer from the multisig to be signed by the winner A or B


Creates new transfer for the winner to sign


multisig transfer

includes simultaneously:

transfer of XMR 1.98 to the winner

optional and voluntary donation of XMR 0.02 fee to Sigmanero

winner A or B

receives multisig transfer

& signs transfer with private seed key

After the winner signs the multisig tranfer, Sigmanero sings and broadcasts the transfer

multisig transfer

signed by winner A or B



signs transfer with final key


multisig transfer

transfer is broadcast to blockchain


1) Select an event

2) Accept a bet or create a new bet. This will generate a new multisig wallet


4) Fund the new multisig wallet with the bet amount before the timeout

5) Wait for the event to resolve

6) Claim your funds with your private seed key (if you win of course)


You are betting against other users in the website

Your account will be blocked for 1 hour

If the opposite counterparty user made a transfer into the multisig, we will ask the counterparty user to sign a refund of the funds

We hope for users to follow through with their bet commitments. If users overwhelmingly follow through commitments we can dispense with introducing bounties

No. When you place a bet offer or accept a bet offer, you and the other user need to have your web-browsers open on the page of the bet to be able to complete the multisig generation

For the user making the bet offer this might imply waiting some time with the browser window open until someone accepts the bet

The multisig generation is a parallel process that needs both users to be synchronized

After the multisig is generated, your private seed key is displayed only once, at which point you need to save it in a secure location

If one user drops during the multisig generation, the bet is canceled. However, if you have too many multisig generation fails, we will temporarily suspend your account

No. At no point in time will Sigmanero have control of betting funds due to the 2/3 multisig set up

Sigmanero will have 1 key and each user will have 1 key each

In order to move funds out the multisig wallet at least 2 keys are necessary

No. Your private seed key is never seen or shared with Sigmanero

All seed creations and transfer signatures are done locally in your browser

For convenience only and entirely optional, you have the option to encrypt your seed key locally in your browser with a password of your choosing. If you lose this password it cannot be recovered. This encrypted seed is then sent to the server and stored with Sigmanero, but not your actual unencrypted seed. This method is much less secure. We only offer it because funds are in multisigs for a short period of time until the winner is known. Bear in mind that you should always save your seed key independently as a safeguard.

You can choose to make your offer private when creating a new bet

Only people with whom you share the offer link will be able to see and accept the bet, as opposed to a random user in Sigmanero

This option is ideal for bets among people that know each other

No fees

If you win, we only ask you for a voluntary donation of 1% to keep the site running

If you are due a refund for any reason you will receive back your bet amount minus transfer fees. Typical transfer fees are xmr ~0.0002

Tor browser is currently not 100% supported. If you wish to use Tor, please consider using a regular browser while routing traffic through Tor using Orbot

Because we believe that privacy is a fundamental right. Find out more at www.getmonero.org

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